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Don't just take our word for it

Find out how we've helped companies achieve their goals with solutions that create a benefit, building up capital instead of tying ti up and helping increase their competitiveness. Our customers have kindly shared testimonials to show how they have benefited from working with GRENKE over the years. 


Case Study - Communications Company

"Our business has doubled year-on-year for the past four years and GRENKE's services and producst have been a essential factor in achieving this growth. GRENKE's online portal ensures a fast turnaround time and quick credit decisions resulting in a higher conversion of sales for our business.  Leasing solutions enable us to upgrade customers earlier, as they are not 'cash buyers' - keeping our customers competitive."


Find out why this communications company has worked with GRENKE for 8 years (PDF, 0.99 MB)


Case Study - International IT Supplier

"Leasing with GRENKE provides us with a cost-effective, tax-efficient and flexible finance arrangement for NI customers who wish to acquire bundled hardware/software/services solutions. We gain from larger order size, increased gross margin levels, and an ability to upgrade customer agreements quicker. Lease rates are competitive within the market and GRENKE master agreements offer a streamlined, less process-intensive, annual credit line without the need for DD mandates and document fees. The E-signature facility simplifies the document approval process for our customers."


Read about GRENKE's CAN-DO approach (PDF, 379 kB)


Case Study - Greg Shannon, Atlas Communications

"Atlas Communications have been a leading provider of business telecommunications & IT solutions for over 30 years. Being able to offer our customers the choice to lease what have been traditionally capital-intensive solutions, has transformed our business model. Offering lease purchasing for our customers, especially for larger systems or services, helps ease budget exposure ensuring a minimal impact on their cash flow. This has resulted in a reduced number of customer no decisions & our ability to propose solutions that will meet all customer needs without being constrained by budgets. So we can provide better customer service overall. 

Payments are spread over a predetermined period of up to 60 months and this makes customers’ telecoms upgrades a lot easier. Especially with the current pace of technological change and the typical life cycle of products, the leasing options can put our customers more at ease with their decision to invest in upgrading their IT systems."


Find out more about how GRENKE's knowledge of local markets outweighs our competitors  (PDF, 481 kB)


Case Study - Fuel High Perfomance IT

"Leasing has brought several advantages to our business. Customers who avail of this option are able to put in the “right” system when they need to invest in their systems, and do this in a planned fashion. They don’t have to wait until systems are failing, and they are reacting to problems. This means they don’t have to compromise on the solution, due to the available budget.  This generally results in an increase in overall order value, and therefore margin, over what they may have initially been able to afford. Some clients have a rolling facility in place, meaning they are continually keeping their systems up to date. Again, this means continual business for us, and allows the client to keep more cash in his business, by having a fixed cost per month. This allows the client to proceed with projects that they may not otherwise have done."


Read more on what other advantages GRENKE has provided Fuel (PDF, 395 kB)


Case Study - North Time and Data

"From a customer perspective, Leasing provides a fixed price, clear cost, over a pre-agreed term. The customer can access the latest equipment with easy payment options, freeing their capital.  Leasing helps make the buying process easier!"


Read about the simple, fast and personal approach winning over GRENKE Customers (PDF, 621 kB)